Welcome to Puppy-Linux!

Puppy-Linux is an operating system like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. More specifically it is a free distribution (distro) of Linux that can run live (from CD). It is specifically designed to be smaller than other distros (and faster or suitable for older hardware) but nevertheless fully featured. It contains applications including a web browser, word processor, spreadsheet and media player. It was created by Barry Kauler in 2003.

Why another Puppy Linux website?

Barry Kauler created Puppy Linux and his official website is PuppyLinux.com and the official community website is PuppyLinux.org. Other websites include PuppyLinux.ca and Tmxxine.com. I was disappointed with the community website and inspired by the Plain English Campaign to create this website.

Which Puppy to use on old hardware?

Intel Date Intel RAM Memory Puppy Linux
1993-1999 Pentium I 64Mb RAM Puppy 1 series.
1997-1999 Pentium II 128Mb RAM Puppy 2 series (or retro editions).
1999-2003 Pentium III 256Mb RAM Puppy 3 series (or retro editions).
2000-2008 Pentium IV 512Mb RAM Puppy 4 series.
2006-2008 Core 1Gb RAM Puppy 4 series.
2006-present Core 2* 1Gb RAM Puppy 4 series.
*Includes iMac and MacBook.